Woofy and Whiskers: The Best Pet Care Service, Supplies and Accessories in Canberra

 Welcome to Woofy and Whiskers 

We are passionate about providing the best dog and cat supplies, care and service for your furry friends at Woofy and Whiskers. Whether you need grooming, boarding, training, or veterinary care, we have everything under one roof. 

We will treat your pets as if they were our own and ensure they have a fun and comfortable stay with us. We are more than just a pet care place. We are a community of pet lovers who want to make a positive difference in the lives of animals and their owners.

Our services and facilities include:

  • Our Pet Shop. Our pet shop has various dog and cat supplies, such as food, treat dispensing dog toys, dog clothes and accessories, comfy cat beds and kitten beds, we have large dog beds, comfy cat collars, military harnesses, military dog leashes, bowls, carriers, and all-around pet supplies Canberra. Our petcare service Canberra is second to none. We also have a loyalty program where you can earn points and discounts for every purchase. 

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  • Treats. They are a great way to reward your cat or dog for their good behaviour or show them love and affection. Treats can also help with training, dental health, and nutrition. 

However, not all treats are created equal, and you should choose the ones that are suitable for your pet's age, size, and dietary needs. Some factors to consider when buying treats for your cat or dog are the ingredients, the calories, the texture, and the flavour. 

You should look for treats that are made with natural and wholesome ingredients, such as meat, fish, fruits, or vegetables, and avoid treats that contain artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or fillers. 

Also, check the calorie content of the treats and limit the amount you give to your pet to prevent obesity and other health problems. 

The texture of the treats can affect your pet's dental health, as some treats can help clean their teeth and gums, while others can cause plaque and tartar buildup. 

The flavour of the treats can influence your pet's preference and enjoyment, as some pets may like certain tastes more than others. You should experiment with different flavours and find the ones your pet likes best.

  • Playtime. Playtime is essential to your cat or dog's life, providing them with physical exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. 

Playtime can also strengthen your bond with your pet and reduce stress and boredom. Depending on their personality, energy level, and interests, there are many ways to play with your cat or dog. 

Some things you can do to make playtime fun and engaging for your pet are toys that appeal to your pet's natural instincts, such as balls, ropes, squeaky toys, kitty toys, all-around pet toys for dogs and the best cat toys. 

You can also rotate the toys and introduce new ones to keep your pet interested. - Play games that challenge your pet's intelligence and skills, such as fetch, tug-of-war and hind-and-seek. 

You can also teach your pet new tricks or reinforce the ones they already know, using treats and praise as rewards. - You can also invite other pets or people to join the play to increase your pet's socialisation and confidence. 

However, you should always supervise your pet's play and make sure they are safe and comfortable.

  • Collars. Collars are a fashion accessory for your cat or dog and a practical and functional item. Collars can help you identify your pet, control your pet, and protect your pet from harm. 

However, not all collars suit every cat or dog, and you should choose the ones that fit your pet's needs and preferences. Some factors to consider when buying collars for your cat or dog are the size, the material, the design, and the features. 

You should measure your pet's neck and choose an adjustable, comfortable, secure collar. You should also check the collar's material and make sure it is durable, breathable, and easy to clean. 

You should avoid collars that are too tight, loose, heavy, or rough, as they can cause irritation, injury, or choking. The collar's design can reflect your pet's personality and style, as there are many colours, patterns, and shapes to choose from. 

You can also personalise the collar with your pet's name, a charm, or a tag. The collar features, such as a buckle, a snap, a breakaway, a reflective, or a GPS, can enhance your pet's safety and convenience. You should select the appropriate features for your pet's activity and lifestyle.

  • Clothing. Clothing can be a fun and cute way to dress up your cat or dog or to keep them warm and cozy in cold weather. Clothing protects your pet from sunburn, insects, allergies, or injuries. 

However, not all clothing is comfortable and appropriate for your cat or dog, and you should choose the ones that are suitable for your pet's size, shape, and fur. 

Some factors to consider when buying clothing for your cat or dog are:


  • The fabric
  • The fit
  • The style
  • And don’t forget…the occasion 

    Try to look for dog clothes and accessories that is made with soft and breathable fabric, such as cotton, fleece, or wool, and avoid clothing that is made with synthetic or woollen fabric, such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic, as they can cause overheating, itching, or allergic reactions. 

    Be sure to check the fit of the clothing and ensure it is not too tight, loose, too long, or too short, as they can restrict your pet's movement, vision, or breathing. 

    Plus, check the clothing style and ensure it has no buttons, zippers, snaps, or hooks, as they can pose a choking or swallowing hazard. 

    Don’t forget to consider if it suits the season, the weather, and the event. And you know your pet's preference more than anyone else, so you know it's futile to force them to wear something they don't like!

    We are considering bringing two to three different sectors for our furry friends, which few other stores can offer, so come and visit or contact us and look at our pet supplies Canberra. Let’s get to know each other and your pets, and we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and new product lines we are working on.