Collars Galore


The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort for Your Pet

We take the view that every four-legged companion deserves a collar that is particular and unique to them. This is why our selection of collars is meticulously crafted to ensure not only that your pet is safe and at ease but that your companion is the height of Canine Chic.

Bold and Bright: Neon Dog Collars

Our neon dog collars scream, ‘Look at me!’ Not only do they exude funky style, but they also make your pet more visible in dim light conditions. Choose from all the neon colours to match your pet’s personality.YES4PETS Small 40CM LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Night Glow Flashing Light Up Safety Pet Collars - #shop_name

Tech-Savvy Pups: Smart Collars

These smart collars, with their GPS tracking and LEDs, are the purrfect best friend for the 21st century pet and owner. Not only do they make it possible to track your pet’s whereabouts in real-time, but they also provide the perfect light for late-evening excursions. 

Fusing contemporary technology with sleek design, these collars are the absolute must-have for the tech-savvy pet owner.Max & Molly Smart ID Dog Collar Blue - Ocean - #shop_name

Luxury Materials: Fine Materials

Tastefully adorn your pet with the finest leather collars from our collection. Available in a wide array of colours and embellished with luxurious Swarovski crystals. 

A creative and stylish design will always make for a Venetian artisanal object with which to treat your pet! 

Eco-Friendly Fashion: Sustainable Choices

In line with this new eco-sustainability, born from the organic tea and veggie chip trend, our collars are made of recyclable material and organic fabrics. These items are a way to showcase a sustainable attitude without foregoing quality and design.Natural Hemp & Cotton Dog Collar (Orange Burst) - #shop_name

Customisation and Personalisation

Have it embellished with an embroidered name or even custom-fitted – this collar can be as unique as your pet.

A Collar for Every Companion

Woofy and Whiskers – a collar for every pet and every owner: Powerful, bravura and bright colours, Which type of collar will your pet be most comfortable wearing? 

These collars are designed to suit your pet’s individual wants and needs, and they come in a range of stylish designs so you can show off your pet’s individuality while selecting the perfect accessory for him or her.

Principally adorned with embedded technology such as GPS, LED lights, cameras, communication devices and speaker systems, the high-tech segment is relatively small but rapidly expanding. High-tech collars are distinguished in part by their tiny sensors, which sense micro-impacts from the body and record them following the pet's life. 

High-tech collars are suitable for owners who are extremely concerned about maximising their pets’ safety, as many offer the functionality of a heart-rate monitor and exterior lighting. Unfortunately, these collars are also the most expensive and are not yet truly mainstream—sporty designs covered in colourful dots, eco-friendly funky strap *************