Dog Beds Fit for Your King or Queen.

Dog Beds

Dreamy Slumbers: Finding the Perfect Bed for Your Pooch

Each of our four-legged friends deserves a napping corner in their own name. A place where they can curl up, stretch out and dream of squirrely things. 

That’s why we have collected a list of comfortable dog beds that not only complement the interiors but also make nap time a cozy one. Check how our beds make your furry friend sleep like a baby.

The Throne of Comfort: Couch-Style Dog Beds

Our couch-style dog beds feature a low front opening for easy access, plus thick supporting mattress foam inside. They’re the perfect spot for a dog who prefers to stretch out or cushion herself against a soft bolster while she sleeps.

The easy-to-clean covers ensure that your pet's bed remains fresh and inviting.

The Snuggle Zone: Cuddler Dog Beds

The raised bolsters at the top create a comfortable nest, securing your pup in an orderly fashion while allowing him to stretch out and cuddle in. 

The ultra-plush vinyl cover is sturdy enough to withstand a dog digging and nestling as nature demands – yet it is incredibly durable, making it a dog home they can burrow into for years.

The Adventurer's Rest: Outdoor and Travel Beds

Nothing bonds with life more than our pet, and our portable pillows and cots are perfect for camping, picnics or day trips. 

These beds are portable enough to fit into your luggage so your dog can still have a resting place that feels like home, wherever your holiday takes you. 

The Royal Treatment: Orthopedic and Memory Foam Beds

In their later years, a bed that has better joint support and is more comfortable is necessary for our cherished pooches. 

Thick and enormous and made of orthopaedic and memory foam, our beds offer the perfect amount of support for older dogs with joint problems – or arthritic dogs who need extra help carrying their weight. 

Rest assured that every dog who walks through our doors will find a comfy bed. Whether your dog is a five-pound Chihuahua or a 200-pound Great Dane, and whether he likes to be curled up or stretched out, we have an assortment of beds that are just the right fit for your dog. 


Large Dog Bed: The Ultimate Comfort for Your Furry Giant – Woofy and Whiskers

Beds for the Big Dogs

The Ultimate Comfort for Your Furry Giant

And that’s why at Woofy and Whiskers, we have a specific collection for the giant amongst appears. Extra care is taken to ensure the size and shape of the ‘proper’ beds for the bulkier canines out there.

The Grand Lounger: Spacious and Supportive

Our larger beds are extendable by 50 cm and have an increased height of 20 cm to make even the biggest of dogs comfortable and provide them with enough support through the night. 

With the same firm and supportive foam base and a soft-hard-wearing cover, pet parents can easily remove, wash and maintain their dog beds safely.

The Orthopedic Oasis: Joint Relief for Gentle Giants

One of the biggest health issues that large dogs face is joint pain as they grow older. Our orthopedic beds are filled with medical-grade memory foam, contouring to the shape of your hound, resulting in relief from aching joints and muscles. 

These beds are designed with both your large dog and your interior decor in mind.

The Eco-Friendly Haven: Sustainable and Chic

Our concern for all dogs increases to include concern for the world that dogs live in and breathe. 

Made from recycled materials, our eco-friendly 'great dog, green planet' beds are stylishly designed and contribute to a responsible level of environmental consciousness for the environmentally concerned pet owner who wants the best for her dog and the earth.

The Style Statement: Fashion-forward Designs

Your dog deserves a bed that reflects both their character and your style. We’ve designed our beds to match every taste. From classic to modern, there’s a bed for every room and personality. Our fabrics are carefully chosen for their quality and striking design, making them the perfect focal point in your dog’s environment.

Every dog deserves the best, so we offer a large dog bed collection that will make your giant pup feel at home. Check out what we offer. Our large dogs deserve the same loved care as the rest of our furballs.