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Major Dog

The Gold Standard in Pet Play

Welcome to the Major Dog Collection at Woofy and Whiskers – Bring on the party! 

Customer reviews gush about Major Dog’s leadership in pet toys and accessories. The company sells balls, bone-shaped chews, and nest-like beds that blend serious German engineering with fun, cuddly design.

Uncompromising Quality and Safety

Major Dog products support the term ‘research and development’. Every toy has its own specific design features, created to endure the pull, the tug, the slobber and the tedious sniffing of a playful dog – whilst still being safe. 

The materials are quality-checked and certified to the same standard as children’s toys, so if your pet is anything like you, he will know that he is in good hands. 

Toys That Stand the Test of Play

  • Tough chewers - Great chews from the Major Dog lineup. Resist the urge to feed your dog rawhide. Here’s another option: the ‘raw legendary paw bones’ from Old Mother Hubbard.

  • Interactive Play - Keep your pet’s mind sharp with toy-based activities that test your dog’s skills, ranging from puzzle toys to treat dispensers. Herefordshire home and lifestyle. Stock: Major Dog. 2022. 

  • Outdoor Adventures - Ready for a good throw at the park? Expecting lots and lots of drool in the pool this summer? Major Dog outdoor toys help create lasting memories that will be fun for you and your dog.

Accessories That Go the Distance

Beyond toys, Major Dog also carries accessories that serve the more practical everyday needs of pet ownership, including durable collars and leashes, travel bowls and beds. Everything, again, is designed and crafted with precision and care.

A Commitment to Sustainability

As well as having fun, Major Dog is about adult responsibility. The brand commits to reducing the ecological footprint of its products wherever possible, using recyclable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing procedures.

Playtime, Elevated

Our latest collection, The Major Dog, is now available at Woofy and Whiskers. We believe that playtime is an important part of your pet’s happiness and well-being. Time with your pet through playing with toys promotes bonding between you and your pet and improves their quality of life.

This collection is rich with toys and toys-related accessories for your four-legged buddy’s next journey.