Military Harness and Leash

The Ultimate Gear for Your CanineMilitary Harness Army Green XL - #shop_name Companion

Our new Military Harness and Leash collection takes the battlefield-ready durability of tactical gear and brings it back to the practical nature of life as a pet owner. 

With this military-grade harness-and-leash set, made with custom metal and wonder plastic, you can dress your pet up for anything, any day.

Built to Last: Premium Quality Materials

They’re constructed out of sturdy nylon. They use nylon to make army gear, so it can handle everything from the most boisterous pets to the hardest playing. 

Strong seams and beefy hardware ensure your pet wears our harnesses safely and securely – not just tough. 

Comfort in Action: Ergonomic Design

Even more importantly, you both really need to be comfortable when your pet is moving, which is why all of our harnesses are padded in all of the pressure areas to avoid chafing. 

Everything about our design, from the straps to the fastening, is engineered to maximise comfort and allow a full range of movement so your pet can run, jump and play, with or without their leash on.

Control and Convenience: Functional Features

With the top handle on our harness, you can ensure greater control in crowded spaces or more challenging walking conditions. 

The variety of leash attachment points will suit your needs for training or walking, plus the Molle straps can be used to secure gear attachment points, and you can take your hound for a hike or long walk.

Visibility and Safety: Reflective Detailing

Safety is our priority, which is why all of our Harnesses are made with reflective stitching. This means you will always have a pet that can be noticed during twilight, so you never have to worry about your pet going on an evening walk or late outing alone as they are always safe with you. 

Style Meets Function: Aesthetic Appeal

Tactical gear doesn’t have to look tactical. Our Military Harness and Leash collection comes in a wide array of styles: choose from solid colours or elegant patterns to suit your pet. You’ll look like the hero your pet really is because our gear fits professional athletes.

Gear Up for Adventure

Whether you are taking your dogs on a mission through the great outdoors or just around the corner, our Woofy and Whiskers Military Harness and Leash Clean Collection is the perfect match for active, on-the-go pet owners looking for durability, comfort and style, all wrapped up in one awesome package. 

Get your four-legged friend geared up in gear as tough as they are.