Plush Toys to make your dog smile

Plush Dog ToysZippy Paws Zippy Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Elk Mountain + 3 Deers - #shop_name

Cuddly Companions for Your Canine

At Woofy and Whiskers, we understand that a dog’s best friend should come on four legs or be stuffed. Here are the plush toys from our selection that will make your pet’s daily exercises more fun, relaxing and loving.

Soft, Safe, and Squeaky -  The Perfect Playtime Trio

The fluff in our stuffed plush toys is made from soft, pet-friendly materials and is nonabrasive both to your dog’s mouth and even pleasant to cuddle.

They all feature a squeaker because we know a squeaker would keep your pet playing with his toy longer. We have toys designed to be liked by the softest of nibblers as well as the most aggressive of squeakers.

A Toy for Every Personality

  • Snuggler – Every pup needs a cuddle buddy, and our plush toys are ultra soft and cosy, making them perfect for snuggling up at naptime after a day of play. 

  • The playful pup – Your hyperactive pooch is bound to jump for joy over our interactive plush. An array of textures and noises will keep him/her active and stimulated. 

  • The Inquisitive Canine – Your nosy nosepike canines will enjoy some good old-fashioned mental exercise trying to get to the squeakers or treats inside this puzzle plush toy. 

Durability Meets Design

We know good looks are only part of the equation. That’s why our stuffed animals are built to last. Reinforced stitching and durable linings ensure that playtime won’t end too soon, even for the most vigorous of pets. 

Eco-Friendly and Easy to Clean

Our plush toys for dogs and cats are made from recycled cotton and plastic. Not to mention that they are made machine washable, so you can wash your pet’s toy and you know your playful pet is clean and healthy.

More Than Just a ToyZippy Paws Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Pizza Box with 3 Squeaker Toys - #shop_name

Our plush toys at Woofy and Whiskers are so much more than play: they are a source of comfort and love, an enrichment, and a tool to engage with your dog. 

The right plush pal brings happiness into your dog’s life. Shop for plush toys for your dog from Woofy and Whiskers.