Unleash Your Pet's Comfort with the PP80 Dog Crate: A Detailed Review & Features Guide

Looking after your furry friends requires top-quality accessories that enhance their comfort. And nothing speaks comfort more than the acclaimed PP80 dog crate. But first, let's connect on Instagram to share our common love for pets. Find us at @woofyandwhiskers_au

What Makes the PP80 Dog Crate Shine?

Not all dog crates are created equal. The PP80 dog crate stands out for its design features geared toward the wellness of your pet. Discover why this exceptional piece is the go-to choice for smart pet owners. 

  • Proudly Australian-made, to cater for our specific climate needs.
  • Ventilation from all sides ensures your pet is always cool, even during scorching summers.
  • Spacious enough to enable your canine companion stretch out in comfort.
  • Durable construction that can withstand the antics of the most energetic pets.
  • It is easy to clean – vital when your pet loves exploring the outdoors.

A satisfied dog owner posted on our Instagram account: "My husky loves his new PP80 crate! He’s cool, comfy and can move about freely. It’s so easy to clean too. This has been a game-changer for us!"

Undoubtedly, the focus is on making sure your pet's journey, whether to the vet, the park, or a vacation is always safe and comfortable in their PP80 dog crate. Visit our website for more details about this fantastic pet accessory.

Are you constantly on the move and find it challenging to travel with your four-legged friend? You're not alone. Every pet owner values their furry companion's comfort during long or short journeys, and choosing the right pet carrier is pivotal. In this pursuit of ensuring our pets' safety and comfort, the PP80 Dog Crate from Woofy and Whiskers are worth a closer look. 

This versatile pet transporter is not just a mere crate, but a portable home for your pet, bringing together functionality, safety, and comfort in one package. But what makes it stand out? Let's delve into the iconic features of this fantastic pet accessory. 

“The PP80 Dog Crate is not just a dog carrier, it's a comfortable sanctuary where your dog can feel safe and secure, no matter the location.”

With a multitude of advantages, ranging from its sturdy build to its advanced ventilation system – we're about to take a deep dive into what makes the PP80 Dog Crate a worthwhile investment for every dog owner. Settle in, as we embark on this journey of discovery together.

When it comes to critiquing dog crates, we need not look further than the pp80 dog crate. Well-regarded for its robust construct and pet-friendly design, the pp80 has become a preferred choice for pet parents worldwide. As you dive into this article, you'll discover the unique features and fantastic benefits that have dog owners singing its praises.


"With the pp80 dog crate, it's not just about functionality, but also the essential assurance of pet safety and comfort."

This upper-echelon dog crate stands as an ultimate solution to all your pet transportation concerns as it offers a unique blend of rewarding attributes tailored to meet your adorable pet's requirements. We've delved into the specifics in our comprehensive pp80 dog crate review - hang on for the revealing journey of why this crate is a must-have for every caring pet owner.

Maximizing Your Pet's Comfort: Exploring the Benefits of the PP80 Dog Crate

 Features                                           PP80 Dog Crate

Designed for comfort and security Yes
Airline Approved Yes (all 8 sizes)
Style Plastic Traveling Kennel
Alternative for airlines not accepting wooden kennels Yes (Plastic Pet Crate)
Space available for pets Enough to stand, turn, sit erect, and lie down comfortably
Appropriate for XXLarge to Giant size dogs (i.e., Greyhound, German Shepherd, Rottweiler)
Dimensions (Example) For a dog of 45cm length, 18cm leg length, 17cm shoulder width, and 45cm height, the crate dimensions are 54L x 36W x 47H
Max Weight Capacity 49 KG


Approximately 76% of pet owners consider comfort as a key factor when purchasing a pet crate

Based on customer reviews, the PP80 Dog Crate is highly appreciated for its robust and durable construction. Users have complimented the crate's ability to withstand the energetic behavior of their pets, providing a safe and secure environment.

Many customers have also praised the crate's size and spaciousness. They appreciate that it offers ample room for their dogs to move around comfortably, making it an ideal choice for both short trips and long journeys.

Another feature that customers have highlighted is the crate's ease of assembly and disassembly. They have found it straightforward to set up and take apart, which adds to the convenience of using the product.

Customers have also noted the crate's practicality for air travel. They have found it to meet airline requirements, making it a reliable choice for those who frequently travel with their pets.Lastly, the crate's ventilation system has received positive feedback.

Customers have mentioned that it provides good airflow, ensuring their pets stay comfortable and stress-free during transportation.One vital aspect worth noting is the sheer versatility of these crates. Indeed, the PP80 Dog Crate is not only suitable for transporting your pets safely and comfortably, but it is also a great accessory to have at home for general use, providing a secure space for your pet to rest or recuperate after surgery. It also acts as a sanctuary during times of high stress such as thunderstorms or firework displays. 

Moreover, the crate's construction boasts robust and durable plastic materials, ensuring both a long service life and maximum security for your furry companions. This unique design also incorporates air ventilation holes, ensuring your furry friend remains cool and well-ventilated during your travels. 

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of the PP80 Dog Crate is its meticulous compliance with airline regulations. This ensures that you can travel worry-free with your pet, regardless of the destination. Notably, it supersedes the challenges faced when airlines do not accept wooden kennels, presenting a practical, tested, and secure alternative to pet owners worldwide. 


PP80 Airline Approved pet carrier also makes sizing a breeze. Providing comfort and security for pets weighing up to 49 kgs makes it an ideal choice for pet owners with XXLarge to Giant size dogs. No matter the breed - from Greyhounds, German Shepherds to Rottweilers, your pet will have enough room to stand, rotate and lay down comfortably. 

What is more, the crate measurement protocol ensures a perfect fit for your pet. By taking into account the length, total height, front leg length, and width of your pet, you are guided to select a crate of suitable dimensions. For instance, for a dog of 45cm in length, 18cm leg length, 17cm shoulder width, and 45cm height, the ideal crate dimensions are approximately 54L x 36W x 47H. 

To summarize, the PP80 Dog Crate is an investment that ensures your pet's comfort and safety in various scenarios – be it a vet visit or a cross-country trip. The convenience, durability, versatility, and airline approval make this product a 'must-have' accessory for pet parents everywhere.

About the Designer 

Born in the lush terrains of Australia, out of the sage hands of designer Julia Knowles, this product prides itself on its user-friendly nature. Unlike the PP 40, the PP80 crate comes with a sturdy fold-down carry handle. This feature enhances portability and ensures you can safely transport your furry friend in-and-out of your vehicle or around your house