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Black Hawk

Black Hawk - Adult Dog - Large Breed - GRAIN FREE - Chicken - 15kg

Black Hawk - Adult Dog - Large Breed - GRAIN FREE - Chicken - 15kg

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Feeding better is living longer. What do you feed your dog?

Black Hawk Grain Free Chicken delivers a deliciously lean and highly digestible source of protein packed with amino acids which are essential for building strong muscles. Formulated specifically for large breed dogs with ingredients that matter, like pumpkin seeds, blueberries and cranberries as natural antioxidants to contribute to a healthy immune system, combined with chicory root as a natural prebiotic alongside other grain-free ingredients to help support gut health. This formula also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to aid and assist in joint mobility in larger breed dogs and provides complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.

Why choose a Grain-free diet?

The absence of grain makes our food ideal for pets with specific dietary needs.  Grain Free diets deliver a different ingredient blend, and many find their dogs do exceptionally well in relation to skin and gut health.

Manufactured in Australia, we only use quality Australian-sourced meats, vegetables and fruits, because nothing but the best is good enough for your best friend. We are extremely proud of our heritage and long-standing commitment to local farmers and regional communities through the ingredients that we buy and the local community programs we support. With zero grains, we add ingredients that matter: herbs, vitamins and minerals, which ensure our food tastes great and provides complete nutrition for on-going health and vitality.

At Black Hawk every ingredient is about naturally nourishing your pet from the inside out.  Every ingredient has a nutritional purpose and is all about making sure your pet gets everything they need, and nothing they don’t. Real meat, real veggies.

High in meat-based protein and delivering a distinct mix of non-grain carbohydrates, you’ll never find artificial preservatives or flavours in Black Hawk. When it comes to our pets’ nutrition, we understand that Every Ingredient Matters®.

  • Australian hormone-free chicken is the number 1 ingredient
  • Formulated to be gentle on stomach & skin
  • 35% larger kibble for bigger sized mouths, to regulate consumption and chewing
  • Unique blend of fibres to support large dogs’ digestion

Suitable for large and giant breed adult dogs over 12 months of age.

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