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Dog Bark Collar - Vibration and Sound Automatic Training Device

Dog Bark Collar - Vibration and Sound Automatic Training Device

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This automated dog training collar is a humane, safe and highly efficient for pet education. It is composed of a collar with Vibrating and Sound only unit in which the unit is put on the dog's neck and will automatically sound and then vibrates when your dog barks.

How this automatic dog collar works?

  1. An internal microphone picks up the bark sound and the dog collar is automatically activated
  2. The dog collar starts with emitting a beeping sound of 1 second as a warning at the first bark
  3. At the second bark the dog collar emits warning beep sound of 2 seconds
  4. From the third bark the dog collar emits a 3 seconds warning sound along with a short vibration
  5. If your dog doesn't stop, both the tone and vibration of the collar will be more intense.
  6. This pattern is repeated through five correction levels if your dog continues to bark. Through all five levels, the most intense sound and vibration are applied after each bark.
  7. If the dog is quiet for 30 seconds or more, the dog collar resets itself to the 'tone only' level 1 of correction. Which means your dog is learning :)

It is advisable for the first few times you put the collar on your dog to reprimand them when they bark accompanying the collar so they understand what is happening and gives you quicker results.


  • For small to medium size dogs up to 20Kgs (Pet Safe).
  • Adjustable collar to fit most dogs            
  • Suits collar neck sizes from 0 to 60cm
  • Doesn’t hurt your dog; it beeps then beeps and vibrates when the dog barks.
  • It’s safe, small and light.
  • The sensitivity can be adjusted by '+' and '-‘ buttons
  • 7 levels of sensitivity to adjust to suit your dog
  • Power: 1 Battery 4LR44 6V (INCLUDED) - This battery does not have full charge and will need to be replaced after a few weeks.
  • Full instruction manual

Take control of your dog's problem behaviour as soon as it occurs. Build communication between you and your dog. The collar's sound or vibration will give your pet a much a quicker understanding of when he is misbehaving with barking. Vibrations do not harm your pet.


Please note that this is a training tool for your dog and should only be used under supervision, especially the first time you put the collar on your dog. 

The first time you put the collar your dog, you will need stay close to them in order to explain why the collar is doing what it is doing. 

Always remember the dog needs to understand that the collar is doing this because they are barking. You know your dog better than anyone else which is why you will know how to communicate that to them.

Please note that by purchasing this product, we do not guarantee that it will stop your dog from barking as each animal is going to react differently, and some may require other training methods to correct their behaviours.
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