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Cat Tree Condo 104cm Plush Brown

Cat Tree Condo 104cm Plush Brown

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  • Introducing our Versatile Floofi Cat Tree , Rest & Recreation Center – the ultimate cat haven that caters to your feline's every desire. Whether your kitten yearns to stretch out on the spacious perch, cozy up inside the plush hammock, or unleash its scratching instincts on the sisal posts, this all-in-one cat tree tower effortlessly blends style with functionality, ensuring your fur baby's day is filled with endless fun and excitement.

    This Cat Tree is designed to Meet Natural Instincts & Enhance Well-Being: The 3-layered structure encourages your cat to showcase excellent climbing skills, promoting healthy exercise. The Cat tree features a  large high perch satisfying your kitty's innate desire to be elevated, providing a confidence boost in their surroundings. Sisal-wrapped posts offer an enticing surface for scratching, catering to your born scratcher's needs.

    The Cat tree has added Sturdiness & Stability: Crafted from certified E1 particle wood, this heavy-duty cat tree ensures durability, creating a long-lasting playland for multiple cats. Each platform can effortlessly support up to 110 lbs, accommodating larger cats as they explore and play.

    This cat tree is made of Exceptional Quality Materials: Pamper your frisky kitten with the plush cover, delivering paws-approved warmth and ultimate comfort. All board and fabric materials are 100% non-toxic, withstanding repeated scratching. The durable sisal surface not only entertains your cat but also protects your delicate furniture from being clawed.

    Styled & Practical Cat Tree: With an overall dimension of 50 x 50 x 104cm, this cat tree seamlessly combines style and practicality. Detailed graphic instructions and tools are included for easy installation, ensuring you and your cat can enjoy this exceptional piece without hassle.

  • Frame material: E1 Particle wood
  • Cover material: Plush velvet
  • Post material: Natural sisal
  • Overall dimensions: 50 x 50 x 104cm
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