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Fur King

Fur King Dog Car Seat

Fur King Dog Car Seat

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The Fur King Dog car seat is suitable for small to medium size dogs (Up to 18 kg). This seat has 3 fastening straps, a seat anchor, and strong walls to keep your dog safe.

This seat provides 100% protection to your car seat from scratches, hair, and dirt. It is water resistant to help protect against any accidents or spills.

It is extremely easy to instal, taking only a few moments. It folds down to a small size making it extremely convenient for storing and travelling.

The design helps calm anxious dogs by providing a firm floor and soft padding.

You should always make sure that your dog is attached to the safety belt.

We recommend using this in the back seat. If you use in the front seat, please look at your car manual for recommendations regarding the safety bags.


  • Built in safety attachment
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most cars
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