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Fur King

Fur King "Nap Time" Calming Dog Bed - Medium - Brindle

Fur King "Nap Time" Calming Dog Bed - Medium - Brindle

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Does your dog have trouble winding down?

A lot of people think that just because their dog has a bed to sleep in, they're automatically going to be relaxed. That's not always the case - many dogs will still get anxious and restless even when they're in their designated bed.

The Fur King "Nap Time" Calming Dog Bed was created to maximise your dog's relaxation and comfort. Our unique design features human-grade cushions which are full to the brim with PET Fibre. It has a washable faux fur cover with zips for easy access, ensuring that you can easily wash your pups bed.

Purchase the Fur King "Nap Time" Calming Dog Bed today! Your pup will love you for it.

Now you know just how amazing they are, why should you buy from us?

  • We are 100% Australian owned, so you can support a local business.


  • Soft comfortable cushions
  • Removable, washable covers
  • Faux fur cover


  • Brindle - Two tone for a smart finish.
  • Grey - Great for hiding that dark shedding hair, while adding a touch of class to your space.


  • Medium (80 CM) Up to 25 Kg
  • XL (100 CM) - Up to 45 Kg
  • XXL (115 CM) - Up to 60 Kg
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