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i.Pet Rabbit Hutch 98cm x 45cm x 92cm Chicken Coop Large Wooden House Run Cage Bunny Guinea Pig

i.Pet Rabbit Hutch 98cm x 45cm x 92cm Chicken Coop Large Wooden House Run Cage Bunny Guinea Pig

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Rabbits love to hop, hide, stretch, leap, do a flop or binky, and race around. These behaviours are essential to making sure they are normal. So why not give them the home they deserve? The i.Pet's rabbit hutch, specially designed for cute bunnies, is good stuff your rabbits need to act like rabbits. Your bunnies will love it so much that they will rub their chins all over this rabbit hutch to mark their territory and do a happy dance. Not just rabbits, it makes a comfortable home to guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and ferrets too. Built from solid fir wood with galvanised mesh, our rabbit hutch is sturdy and durable. It has a firm base that ensures stability and prevents tilting even with your bunnies hopping and spinning to a great extent. The asphalt felt roof offers good protection from sun and rain, keeping your pet cat cool in summer and warm in winter. Rain or shine, this rabbit hutch will provide unlimited hours of entertainment and fun to your beloved bunnies. Our rabbit hutch has built-in ramps that connect different floors, room dividers, entrance doors with locks for convenient entry and exit, and two sliding trays to collect droppings and easy cleaning. Nice and roomy, the rabbit hutch boasts a mesh design that allows proper airflow and keeps your pets well-ventilated. Gift our i.Pet's rabbit hutch to your bunnies today, and be sure to get much love in return. It's sure to give your beloved bunnies the utmost joy and pleasure.

High-quality fir wood construction
Galvanised mesh
Asphalt felt roof
Two slide-out trays
Easy-to-access doors
Convenient entry and exit
Sturdy and reliable security locks
Built-in ramp
Easy access
Water-resistant structure
Easy to assemble
Spacious and comfortable
Suitable for smaller pets - rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and ferrets

Brand: i.Pet
Frame material: Fir wood
Mesh material: Galvanised mesh
Roof material: Asphalt felt
Overall dimensions: 98cm x 45cm x 92cm
Colour: Grey and white
Assembly required: Yes
Number of packages: One


Package Content
1 x i.Pet Pet Hutch
1 x Assembly Instructions

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