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Hamish McBeth

Tartan Red Dog Coat 35cm

Tartan Red Dog Coat 35cm

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**Introducing the Ultimate Red Tartan All-Weather Dog Coat**


**Essential Outdoor Gear**

Discover the must-have red tartan all-weather dog coat, specially designed for your furry friend's outdoor adventures. This essential gear offers unparalleled protection against rain, snow, and mud, thanks to its high-quality, water-resistant fabric. Keep your dog warm and dry in any weather conditions.


**User-Friendly Design**

Featuring easy-to-fit Velcro straps, this coat ensures a hassle-free experience when putting it on or taking it off your dog. The design prioritizes your dog's comfort and security, allowing for a perfect fit that stays in place during any activity.


**Stylish and Practical**

Not only does this coat shield your dog from the elements, but it also adds a touch of style to their outdoor ensemble. Its unique tartan pattern and practical design make it a fashionable choice for any excursion.


**Innovative Coverage**

The coat's innovative design wraps around your dog's chest, offering complete coverage and keeping them clean and dry. The adjustable Velcro straps provide a custom fit, making it easier for you and your companion to enjoy the great outdoors together.


**Enhance Your Outdoor Adventures**

Prepare for memorable outdoor excursions with this fantastic dog coat. It's the perfect accessory for walks, hikes, and playtime, ensuring your dog stays protected and comfortable no matter the weather.


  • Adjustable leg straps to keep back legs warm and dry.
  • Water and wind resistant.
  • A hole for harness or lead.
  • Fully quilted and lined for extra warmth.
  • Elastic collar for extra style and easy fit over the dogs head.
  • Top fastening Velcro allows simple and quick fitting on all dog sizes.
  • Available in 6 sizes.


  • 35cm
  • 40cm
  • 45cm
  • 50cm
  • 60cm
  • 70cm
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