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"A Tribute to Lucky: Love, Loss,

 The Unforgettable Bond Our Cocker Spaniel

"In the quiet of October, our world shifted. It was a time when the days grew shorter, and the golden hues of autumn danced in the breeze. But amidst this seasonal transition, our lives were forever altered as we said goodbye to a beloved family member, our dear Lucky.

Lucky was not your typical lap dog. She didn't crave endless cuddles, yet she had her own endearing ways of expressing affection. Her preferred mode of communication was the gentle act of lying close, those expressive eyes speaking volumes, and her silent presence comforting us like no words ever could. She was, in every sense, our confidante, sharing in our daily experiences with a subtle warmth that only a pet could bring.

One of Lucky's great loves was water. She reveled in the sensation of swimming, her fur glistening with the joy of the moment. But when we took her to the beach, the roaring waves filled her with unease. It was this mix of vulnerability and strength that made her the unique, cherished companion that she was.

Our relationship with Lucky was a tale of love and complexity. She was highly sensitive and at times, highly strung, but these traits only deepened our bond. In her presence, we found a source of laughter, solace, and immeasurable affection.

Born in 2007, Lucky joined our family during a time when we were in need of a little serendipity. Was it a twist of fate that she was named Lucky? We can't say for certain, but what we can affirm is that she graced our lives with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments that defy the boundaries of time.

As anyone who has shared their life with a pet knows, the inevitable farewell is one of life's most agonizing experiences. It was an October morning when Lucky's health took a drastic turn. She sought refuge in her crate, her sanctuary from the creeping grasp of cancer, which had sapped her strength. When we found her, her eyes told a story of pain and exhaustion, as if she was saying, 'Mom, I've had enough.' Our hearts dropped, and we rushed her to the vet, desperately hoping for a miracle.

Farewelling Lucky was a difficult experience, and it was especially challenging as we had to do it outside of the vet's office while wearing masks. The circumstances were influenced by a recent COVID outbreak, which meant we couldn't be with her inside the clinic. Our hearts ached, as we deeply wished to be by her side, offering comfort while she received her treatment inside the crated area.


The vet recommended a kidney flushing treatment, and we held onto the possibility of her recovery, praying that we could keep her with us a while longer. Lucky spent three long days at the veterinary clinic, each day filled with hope, as we clung to the belief that she would emerge triumphant. But the phone call from the vet brought reality crashing down upon us, a sorrowful acknowledgment that we were losing our cherished companion.

The loss hit our family hard, especially our son, who had formed an extraordinary connection with Lucky. In those final moments, it was my wife who stood by Lucky's side, offering the comfort and presence that our son couldn't bear to provide. As Lucky lay in my arms, I whispered words of love and gratitude, celebrating the wonderful dog she had been. In that tranquil moment, she surrendered to the embrace of eternal sleep.

Saying goodbye was excruciating, and the void left in her absence was palpable. That car ride back home, without her alongside, was a lonely journey filled with longing and emptiness. But the pain of parting couldn't overshadow the love and the beautiful memories we shared.

In honor of Lucky, we chose to have her cremated, her ashes resting in a graceful wooden box on our bookshelf. She may no longer be with us, but her spirit lives on in our hearts and minds. Lucky had left an indelible mark on our lives, teaching us that the depth of love that these selfless creatures give us is often beyond measure.

Our time with Lucky was a profound reminder of the extraordinary bond that exists between humans and their four-legged companions. Despite the agony of letting her go, we are grateful for the years we spent with her and the happiness she brought into our lives. This is a tribute to Lucky, a celebration of our profound connection, and a testament to the enduring impact our pets have on our hearts and memories, even when they're no longer by our side."



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