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Both dogs and humans require a certain level of activity for their well-being. However, striking a balance between activity and rest is crucial to prevent stress caused by either under or overexertion in dogs. While walking serves as an excellent physical activity, dogs also need mental stimulation. It's essential for dogs to engage their minds to maintain their happiness, with some dogs requiring more mental stimulation than others. Without structured activities, dogs may resort to less desirable behaviors such as chewing on household items or becoming hyperactive. Additionally, dogs should learn to remain calm and composed during moments of stillness, such as when their owners engage in conversation or when resting on a bench observing passersby without reacting. Dog activation encompasses a variety of activities ranging from tracking exercises in natural settings to obedience training, learning new tricks, or participating in games like hide-and-seek with treats or toys.


Nina Ottson Dog Puzzles provide the perfect solution to alleviate boredom while teaching your Dog new skills.