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Pampering Your Pets in Canberra:

 An Insight into our Best Petcare

 One of the most frequent questions that we receive from dog-and cat-owning customers in Canberra is: ‘How can I make my pet as comfortable as possible?’ So, if you are bamboozled in your attempt to find the perfect cat bed for the cat nap or the right king-sized dog bed to fit several of your pooches, then be bamboozled no more as you’ve come to the right place.

For petcare services or pet supplies, Woofy and Whiskers take care of your pet's needs, and we will keep your pet happy and content.

We offer a variety of petcare services and pet supplies here in Canberra.

A Haven for Cats: Comfy Beds and Beyond

And we all know the pet that likes the cosy life - Yep, you guessed it…your cat. A cat bed is not just a place where the cat sleeps but a cat’s home base. Our cosy selection of beds is a sure thing, even with the most unimpressible of cats.

Everything we have is feline-friendly and tailored to help them get the best rest and cat naps they can. 

Canine Comfort: Large Beds and Cute Harnesses

The larger breeds need a little more room to stretch out. We have some great large dog beds that give more space and support. We look to stock and supply the best a dog can get. 

And when you’re out for a walk, make sure it’s in our cute dog harnesses. Your dog will feel comfortable and look good with a stylish harness while they go for a stroll. If your furry friend is a little too lively for your comfort when you are out for a walk, then these are exactly what you need.  

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice. 

Fashion and Function: Dog Clothes and Accessories

Our range of dog wear and accessories will help keep your dog snug on those chilly Canberra mornings or just when your dog is trying to make a style statement at the dog park. From hippo sweaters to mustard coats, we’ve got your pooch covered for warmth and street cred!

Military-Grade Gear: Harnesses and Leashes

For those looking for a more durable option for an everyday working dog or one who simply needs a more reliable piece of gear, we offer our military harnesses and military dog leashes. 

Our Military Harness and Military Dog Leash options are built tough for years of service without sacrificing comfort. Both of these items are ideal for service dogs and for pets who venture out with their owners on off-road, rough-terrain adventures.

All-in-One Pet Supplies in Canberra

Shop with us at Woofy and Whiskers for all your pet supplies in Canberra. We have a huge selection of dog supplies and cat supplies to cater to your best friend's needs. 

If you are looking for pet supplies in Canberra, check us out today. We also have specialised items for your pet.

Interactive Play: Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

Add thinking to the equation.

Do you want to make your dog work for his treat? If you do, then look closer at our collection of treat-dispensing dog toys. Firstly, give your dog a distraction and then a treat all at the same time, it’s a proven method to be in control.  

In a nutshell, Woofy and Whiskers is your one-stop shop for everything pets in Canberra. Our mission is to ensure we will always source and offer products of the best quality so that the lives of both pets and owners are improved. Dogs, cats and many others we cater for so have a browse of our website today and happy shopping! 

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