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Collection: Fur KIng Harness and Leash Collection


Fur King Harness and Leash: Commanding Presence, Unmatched Comfort

Introducing the Fur King Harness and Leash collection from Woofy and Whiskers – the ultimate statement of control and comfort for your canine companion. This collection is designed for the discerning pet owner who seeks both functionality and style.

Regal Design, Royal Treatment

Crafted for pets who lead the pack, the Fur King Harness and Leash set features a robust design that exudes confidence. The military-inspired aesthetic is matched with a comfortable fit, ensuring your dog looks commanding and feels at ease, whether patrolling the neighbourhood or exploring new terrains.

Built for the Bold

The Fur King collection is not for the faint-hearted. It's for the adventurous, the spirited, and the leaders. With durable materials and a secure fit, this harness and leash set can handle the vigour of spirited play and the demands of daily walks.

Safety in Every Step

Reflective straps for nighttime visibility and a sturdy handle for quick control are just a few of the safety features that make the Fur King collection a smart choice for pet owners who prioritise safety without compromising on style.

A Fit for Every Monarch

Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes, from the noble Chihuahua to the majestic Mastiff. The Fur King Harness and Leash set is designed to provide a regal fit for every breed, ensuring comfort and control on every outing.

Embrace the power and poise of the Fur King Harness and Leash collection at Woofy and Whiskers, where every pet is treated like royalty.