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The CATLINK ONE Smart Feeder provides your pets with the most convenient, safe, and healthy way to feed!

Specially designed to prevent cats from fighting over food thanks to the barrier side design, this ensures that only one cat can eat at a time. Being constructed out of lead-free ceramic allows it to be microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. While being convenient for you, it also makes your cat's life so much easier! Using a unique structure to provide your cats with the most comfortable feeding position prevents choking. Having a triple fresh feature that guarantees food quality, your fluffy friend will be happy at all times knowing that they're getting the best of the best! Additionally, it's also children-friendly with a safety lock to ensure that they don't interfere for peace of mind.
The feeder's compatibility with the app provides you with personalised settings and controls! Giving you the ability to set specific times to feed, refill the bowl, and even having options for multiple cats, CATLINK has got you covered! Making sure that every cat deserves their individuality, the feeder will recognise and provide you information and reports based on their activity! To top it all off, you won't have to worry about power running out as you can plug in a portable charger which will keep it running.

Shows the amount of surplus in the bowl in grams
Record the health data of your cats that are linked with the feeder
The feeder logs and records the times that your cat has eaten every day.
Shows each meal session's duration and the amount of food that has been eaten.
The feeder can send real-time status alert messages through the app
Has health monitoring functions that allow you to check the status of your cats consistently
Multi-cat detection by UFO tags allows specific/preferred feeding amounts for each cat
A specially designed U-shaped bowl allows your cats' whiskers to not only fit comfortably but also allows an easy wash

What's In the Box:
CATLINK ONE Feeder x 1
Ceramic Bowl x 1
Power adapter x 1
CATLINK Collar for UFO Tags x 2
CATLINK Pendant (UFO Tags) x 3

Product size: 39 x 22.6 x 39.7
Weight: 3.85kg
Capacity: 3.5L
Material: ABS, HIPS

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