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CATLINK Scooper Smart Self-Cleaning with Catlink App- compatible with Alexa

CATLINK Scooper Smart Self-Cleaning with Catlink App- compatible with Alexa

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Introducing the CATLINK SCOOPER Luxury Pro—an innovative solution designed to elevate your cat's lifestyle while effortlessly managing litter responsibilities!

This auto litterbox boasts advanced technology to enhance convenience and safety, ensuring your furry companion's comfort. The anti-pinch sensor, offering over ten safety guarantees, prevents incidents that could potentially harm or trap your cat. The infrared sensor halts operation when your cats enter, and the gravity sensor maintains stability, eliminating the risk of tipping over. The panel control system facilitates easy adjustments, while the companion App takes functionality to the next level.

Stay connected to your cat's well-being with the App's ability to detect multiple cats and provide a continuous 24-hour health report. Recording daily, weekly, and yearly data, CATLINK understands the importance of keeping cat parents informed. The litterbox offers both automatic and timed cleaning options, effectively eliminating odors with the integrated deodorizer during the process. With the capacity to sense litter volume, temperature, and humidity, coupled with a generous 13L waste box, the CATLINK SCOOPER addresses all your cat's needs.

- Compatible with Alexa for added convenience
- Microwave Radar sensor protection for enhanced safety
- Double UV sterilization ensures a clean environment
- Real-time monitoring of your cat's litter volume
- Anti-pinch sensor for continuous cat safety
- Gravity sensor prevents tipping and movement
- Panel control for easy access and manual cleaning
- App compatibility for extended functionality
- Detects temperature, humidity, and cat litter volume
- Timed, automatic, and manual cleaning options
- Capability to detect multiple cats
- Constant 24/7 year-round monitoring
- Applicable deodorizer eliminates odors
- 13L spacious waste box for ample storage
- Two litter filters available for bentonite and mixed litter (bentonite and tofu)

What's In the Box:
- SCOOPER Cat Litter Box x 1
- Power Adapter x 1
- Waste Bags x 1 roll
- User Manual x 1

Elevate your cat care routine with the CATLINK SCOOPER Luxury Pro—where technology meets feline comfort!

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