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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks Natural Lawn Protector - 200g

Dog Rocks Natural Lawn Protector - 200g

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Dog Rocks are the original solution for preventing dog urine burn in your garden. As the only 100% safe and natural product of its kind, Dog Rocks effectively stop dog urine from damaging your lawn, grass, and hedges. Just one pack of Dog Rocks in your dog's water bowl can maintain a lush and urine-burn-free lawn for up to 2 months. Unlike other products that claim to fix burn patches, Dog Rocks DO NOT change the pH of your dog's urine. Instead, they eliminate the excess nitrate content found in drinking water, making them safe for your dog to use throughout their life.

 Your dog will end up drinking cleaner water. Talk about a win-win! Proudly made in Australia, Dog Rocks have gained endorsements from both pet parents and veterinarians worldwide.

To use Dog Rocks:

  1.  Remove the rocks from the packet and rinse under clean water
  2. Place them in your dog's water bowl and fill with water
  3. Leave the rocks in the water for 8 hours , for best results top up the water at night before bed
  4. Replace your Dog Rocks after 2 months of use.
  • The Dog Rocks work best with a high quality dog food.

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