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Ibiyaya Transparent Pet Carrier - Pink Valentine

Ibiyaya Transparent Pet Carrier - Pink Valentine

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Sturdy, comfortable, and trendy, Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carrier makes transporting your pet anywhere easier!

This innovative pet carrier is cleverly designed to be folded and stored easily, ultimately saving you space when this bag isn’t in use. To fold the bag, all you need to do is unzip the sides, squeeze the middle together, and zip it all up! You can keep this bag anywhere that’s convenient for you and never have to waste any space.

Designed with a top handle, this pet carrier can be held by hand or you can use the included shoulder straps for hands-free transportation. Made from high-quality, durable material, this hardcase carrier can support your pet’s weight and handle the tension. Since this bag has a transparent design, you can see inside and check on your pet any time while your furry friend gets more visibility and light coming into the bag. With a soft mat inside, this travel bag ensures your companion’s comfort while on the go.

For added security, this pet bag has a leash inside so that you can prevent your jumpy pal from hopping out of the bag unexpectedly. The zippers also provide a strong barrier and keeps your pet safe and sound inside the bag. Each side opens to allow easy access, and you can also use the front ‘door’ to let your pet in or out.

If you don’t want to deal with big and bulky pet carriers, get Ibiyaya’s Transparent Hardcase Carrier for all your pet transportation needs!


  • Simple, decorative, and collapsible pet carrier for on-the-go pet care
  • Convenient travel pet bag for everyday use
  • Great to use for vet visits or groomer appointments
  • Folds into a flat pocket and zips up to keep bag flat for storage
  • Lightweight, yet durable, pet carrier that supports your furry friend
  • Soft padding inside bag for a comfortable resting place for your pet
  • Leash attached inside to keep pet from jumping out of bag
  • Top handle and included shoulder straps makes carrying bag easier
  • Sides open up for easy entry and makes carrier collapsible
  • Front opening for convenience
  • Mesh material and aeration holes for ventilation
  • Removable pad and pet diaper for easy cleaning
  • Transparent side windows to see your pet and give them more visibility
  • Shoulder straps for hands-free transportation
  • Comes with an extra safety tether
  • Suitable for small pets

Design: Honeysuckle

Measurements: Dimensions: 46cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 32cm (height)

Pet weight limit: 6kg (recommended)

Get the stylish Transparent Hardcase Carrier for all your pet travel needs!

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