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Major Dog

Major Dog Mini Frisbee - Fetch Toy

Major Dog Mini Frisbee - Fetch Toy

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Looking to take your dog's playtime to new heights? The Major Dog Frisbee Fetch Toy is the perfect choice! This heavy-duty retrieval toy is designed to withstand even the toughest play sessions, making it a favorite among canines large and small. Made with organic cotton and natural rubber, this frisbee is not only durable but also gentle on your dog's mouth. Say goodbye to torn-up toys and hello to endless hours of fetching fun! What sets this frisbee apart from the rest is its impressive flight capabilities.
With a design that allows for optimal aerodynamics, this frisbee soars through the air with ease, giving your dog the ultimate challenge during playtime. Whether you're at the park or in your own backyard, this frisbee will keep your furry friend entertained and active. But the benefits don't stop there.
The Major Dog Frisbee Fetch Toy is also incredibly convenient. It folds away easily, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures. You can even slip it into your pocket! So whether you're heading out for a hike or simply want to keep your pup entertained during a car ride, this frisbee is the ideal companion. Get ready to take fetch to a whole new level with the Major Dog Frisbee Fetch Toy. Your dog will love the challenge and you'll love the durability and convenience.
So why wait? Grab one today and watch as your pup's tail wags with excitement! Made with Major Dog’s usual quality specifications and materials (camouflaged material and polypropylene rope) and with its exceptional aerodynamic quality and the ability to float on water this Frisbee is a must-have for play in the surf or on the turf Material - Polyester - Bio-Baumwolle Major Dog products last longer and are suitable for supervised dog play.
Importantly Major Dog Toys are TüV certified which means these products meet the same rigorous. TüV Thüringen contaminant testing as children’s toys. Major Dog Frisbee Fetch Toy Medium. Training retrieval toy. High-quality the largest range of Major Dog Toys in Australia. A quality Dog Training toy.

Mini (35g - 120mm)

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