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Essential Dog

Oatmeal Dermal Scratch Itch Cream for Dogs

Oatmeal Dermal Scratch Itch Cream for Dogs

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Experience the power of Essential Dog Topical Oatmeal Cream, designed to soothe your dog's itchy and irritated skin.

  • Made with 7 certified organic plant extracts and remedial oils, our premium natural cream is perfect for all breeds and skin types, especially during the warmer months when itching and gnawing can become a nuisance. 
  • Our formula is free from steroids, sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial fillers, colors, fragrances, and harsh chemicals, making it safe for your dog to lick. Trust in the effectiveness of Essential Dog to provide relief for your furry friend.

Say goodbye to your dog's uncomfortable scratching and rest easy knowing you're using a safe, natural cream made with only the best organic ingredients. Choose Essential Dog for a happier, healthier pup!

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