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Outward Hound

OUTWARD HOUND - Treat Totter - Interactive Puzzle dog toy

OUTWARD HOUND - Treat Totter - Interactive Puzzle dog toy

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Introducing the Outward Hound Treat Totter Puzzle Toy—it's the best way to give your pup something to do when they're feeling bored! Fit with food-safe compartments, fill with yummy treats or kibble and let the fun begin. Your pup will be pawing, nuzzling, and tipping their way to tasty snacks in no time. Plus, these puzzles help sharpen problem-solving skills and make for perfect rainy-day or indoor play. And if you have a pup watching their waistline, use the Treat Totter with their main meal for a fun, delicious way to reward good behavior. And if you're looking for a bigger challenge, try our multi-step puzzles—they'll keep your pup guessing! It's the perfect way to give your pup a mental workout, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and reward them for good behavior all at once! With food-safe compartments, fill it with your pup's favorite treats or kibble and watch them paw and nuzzle their way to delicious snacks. Feeling extra sassy? Give them an even bigger challenge with our multi-step puzzles and let the real fun unfold.


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