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Provide the best and cosiest drying experience for your pets with PETKIT AIRSALON Smart Pet Dryer Box! It takes automated drying to a new level with its innovative design, providing you with an efficient, environmentally-friendly and safe solution for your pet's grooming needs.
The pet-drying box of the future! PETKIT AIRSALON Smart Pet Dryer Box boost premium quality features combined with highly optimized technology to protect your pet from low-temperature burns and hotspot, plus it's super paw-friendly! It can accommodate 2 pets inside to enjoy a salon experience.
The noise level won't give jump scare to your cats with its 45dB laboratory-tested noise level, suited for your cats - and the gentle linear lights calm their mind while inside.
The gentle smooth breeze produced by the Wavy Panel dries even the hard-to-reach places of your cats and dog bodies, giving super smooth and fluffy hair!
No More Shedding everywhere, traumatized pets and exhausted and time-consuming drying experience with PETKIT AIRSALON Smart Pet Dryer Box, where Convenience meets Pet Care!

Product Highlights:
Functional LED Touch Panel for quick setting and easy operation.
60L Large Capacity pet grooming dryer that can dry 2 pets at a time, which is suitable for multi-pet owners.
xSecure Multiple Security Protection System accurately controls the temperature to avoid low-temperature burns and hotspots. Automatically switched off once the temperature is detected over 40°C inside.
Smart Control via PETKIT App for convenience and easy control and customization on your phone.
Delivers Smooth Breeze that gently dries your cats and dogs without scaring them.
Gentle Linear Lights brighten the whole cabin space and induce relaxation while soothing your pet's mind.
Engaging and Interactive automatic pet dryer with a small door on top that allows hoomans to comfort and play while they are drying inside.
Well-Ventilated and Breathable cabin space with multiple exhaust vents on the top that produces hot and humid air on top for a salon-like experience.
Low Level of Noise designed for sensitive pets. No more jumping from the sudden ear-shrieking sound! The 45dB level of noise based on laboratory data suits your cat's space.
360°Airflow for Rapid & All-round Drying deliver a smooth and balanced supply of air on every side to effectively dry your precious pets.
It Saves Time and Effort suitable for modern and busy pet owners.
Designed with Wavy Panel that easily dries hard-to-reach areas in your pet's body like the belly, thighs, and paws.
Produce Negative Ions flowing in with the wind for a suppaw fluff and smooth fur. It also removes frizz and flyaways!
Silver Iron Panels have antimicrobial properties for a clean and bacteria-free space your cats and dogs love!
Designed for Easy Cleaning!
Sleek, Modern and Aesthetic design, blends into any home decor!


Exterior Dimension: 500x473x447mm / 19.69×18.62×17.6inch
Weight: 9.7kg
Capacity: 60L
Materials: ABS, Tempered Glass
Product Application: Cat and small breed dogs older than 6 months

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