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PETKIT Cat Litter Trapper

PETKIT Cat Litter Trapper

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AESTHETICAL DESIGN minimal white tray with rounded curved edges that complement different styles of home decoration.

SLIP RESISTANT & STABLE grid tray design with 4 anti-slip rubber on all corners, soft on paws and help keeps your cats walking confidently with no worries of hurting from slipping.

CAT LITTER SAVER as it traps 90% of kitty litter or more with its dual interlocking mesh tray.

SUPER EASY to CLEAN and is made of durable ABS Plastic for long time use.

BRILLIANT double-layered grid tray design with large holes helps catch litter from cat paws whenever they go out from their cat litter boxes and helps keep litter from getting all over your house.

SECURE clicks together and is easy to unlatch for separation and dumping with your PETKIT Intelligent Automatic Cat Toilet Series, especially for Pura-X Pura-MAX.

COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENCE & SUPPORT with a reasonable range ladder height that allows easy steps whenever your messy cats do their business.


SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF CAT LITTER with a trap hole width size of 6 mm.

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