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Snooza – Plant Powered Urine Remover

Snooza – Plant Powered Urine Remover

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Our plant powered Urine Remover uses a combination of plant powered oxydizers combined with clever essential oils that lift and cleanse fresh urine and wash away the smell and residue.
Leaving a natural scent that is uplifting to humans but repellant to cats. So the double powered plant ingredients prevents re-marking.

Designed to be easily sprayed on to accidents and washed away with a damp cloth then dab dry.

Use on carpets, floors, walls, furniture and bedding.

See TEST before USE intructions on bottle.

Free from phosphates, optical brighteners, formaldehyde, enzymes, synthetic fragances.

Act Fast! The #1 way to prevent stains
is to clean immediately.
1. Remove any excess mess using paper towel.
2. Shake bottle well & spray affected area till damp.
3. Dampen cloth (or paper towel) with water & dab clean.
4. Blot with dry cloth (or paper towel) to soak up product.
5. On hard surfaces, do not soak.
Spray & wipe away with soft cloth.
6. For hard-to-remove mess, a second
application may be necessary.

Store in cool dark place.


Fast acting. Deep cleaning.
Eliminates mess & odours from upholstery & carpets.

Made in Australia. Bottle made from 100% Recycled Plastic

Please remove trigger before placing bottle in recycle.
Bottle is fully recyclable. Trigger can be re-used.
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