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Bamboo Grooming Brush with Fine Toothed Comb

Bamboo Grooming Brush with Fine Toothed Comb

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Bamboo Grooming brush. Made with eco friendly bamboo and smooth rounded teeth combs for a healthy shiny coat. The teeth have been made with round ends to gently remove your Dog's fur and hair. Perfect for Dogs with medium to long fur. The soft bamboo materials make it comfortable to use and anti slip. Length (cm/inches) 21.2cm/8.3inches Width (cm/inches) 5.5cm/2.2inches. Keep your dog's coat looking its best with this Bamboo Grooming Brush. Made with eco-friendly materials, the smooth rounded teeth gently remove fur and hair, leaving behind a healthy and shiny coat. Designed for medium to long furred dogs, the soft bamboo bristles make it comfortable and easy to use. You won't have to worry about slipping either – the anti-slip design makes grooming a breeze. Measuring at 21.2cm/8.3inches in length and 5.5cm/2.2inches in width, this grooming brush is the perfect addition to your pet grooming routine.

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