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Leashes – Woofy and Whiskers

Choose the Perfect Leash from Woofy and Whiskers' Collection

A leash is not just a simple tool. The thread binds you and your pet together on your outings – at Woofy and Whiskers, we’ve created the perfect leash for your railing. Those are the Dog Leashes we have to offer.

Designed for Every Adventure

Our leashes are the right length to allow your pet to explore and have fun but still keep them close enough in times of emergency, whether you are taking a walk in the neighbourhood or going on a hiking adventure. Available lengths up to 3 meters.

Comfort and Durability Combined

Designed with the pet and owner in mind, every detail of their leash (even down to the comfortable grips) makes sure that you can take your pet for a long walk and not give up the leash because your grip becomes less firm. Even harsh winter conditions cannot pass down on your leash (as long as you buy a waterproof one). That is why your leash will follow your pet for years if you take care. 

Safety is a Priority

First, we care about you (and your pet) being safe, and we put reflective stitching on all of our leashes to make them visible at night. This way, you can be seen early in the morning or when you take your evening walk with our leashes.

Style Meets Functionality

You can choose from several different colours and patterns – we even have multi-colour leashes – to be ready to take your friend for a walk or for playing. Try our quality-designed matching leash that reflects your dog’s personality and your own fashion sense. Our leashes are more than just a functional product; they’re a fashion accessory for your pet.

Find the best dog leash for you and your pet; check out the selection at Woofy and Whiskers and find the right leash to keep your pet safe and comfortable while out exploring nature.