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Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toys - Available in 3 sizes

Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toys - Available in 3 sizes

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Goughnuts with the Heavy Duty Duty Dog Ring 

The Goughnuts Ring Dog Toy was designed to give pups a safer, tougher chew toy. This natural rubber ring is made in the USA using engineered carbon reinforcement. Each green, yellow and orange Goughnuts ring has two layers — the outer color indicates the strength, and the inner core is always red to serve as a safety indicator. Red means stop, so when a dog chews down to this red layer, you know it’s time to return it for a new Goughnuts Ring. This Goughnuts Ring bounces, rolls and even floats, so it can stand up to extreme games of fetch and all types of outdoor play.

Every dog plays differently and, since not all toys are created equal, it’s always best to keep a close watch on your pup in case things get ruff. Supervised play will help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe. No dog toy is truly indestructible, so always remove the toy from playtime if pieces begin to break off.


The heavy duty option is designed for experienced and professional dog owners who are familiar with our safety mission and guidelines. 

This solid product has a guarantee for life and a durability score of 90 on the medium size, 97 on the large size, and 99 on the extra-large size. The dimensions are 1.75 cross sec/5 inch diameter for the medium, 2.19 inch cross sec/6.25 inch diameter for the large, and 2.5 inch cross sec/6.25 inch diameter for the extra-large.

There is no visual safety indicator, but this product is even more durable than the original and

 suitable for


 60-100lbs, and 80-100lbs+ dogs respectively.

Please refer to our guarantee instructions for more information. Made in the United States and weighing 453.59 g (1 lb), this product is a top choice for those looking for quality and longevity.

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