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Vintage & Classy Olive Oyl Collection - Small-Medium-Large

Vintage & Classy Olive Oyl Collection - Small-Medium-Large

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 Add some Olive Oyll to your Dogs Wardrobe 

Add some retro style to your pet's look with this expressive  Olive Oyl Collection!! Revive a classic with the timeless design and iconic logo that your pet will love. With its unique combination of boldness and sophistication, it's sure to make a statement!

 Collar -

Introducing the  Olive Oyll Collection: the perfect way to spruce up your pup's style! Our top-notch collar is crafted from resistant polyester and adjusts to fit your pup comfortably. Plus, the 4-point buckle locking system provides extra security so that you can rest easy. Woot? Woot!

Harness - Show off your pup in this stylish reversible Vintage Betty Boo Collection Small. The exterior features our Neo Mesh® fabric, with a super smooth opacity for a fashionable look and breathable mesh to keep your pup calm and comfy. Its adjustable straps are crafted from durable polyester, and feature a 4-point buckles system to keep your pup secure. You'll love the mix of practicality and style!

Leash -  Crafted with resistant polyester and a comfy neoprene handle for a soft feel. Keep your furry friend secure with our exclusive 360º safety lock – the quickest locking hook on the market!

Made in Portugal

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